History of Carson & Company - Shrimp For Sale in Bon Secour, AL

Carson and Company - Shrimp Processing in Bon Secour ALSince 1976, Carson and Company has set the highest standard for serving the institutional food service market. We take pride in cultivating trust and building relationships with our shrimp suppliers, customers and consumers. You can count on our shrimp processing company to provide continued support every step of the way.

Born and raised in South Alabama, our President and CEO, Carson Kimbrough, stands behind the importance of strong business partnerships and premium quality shrimp products. Our shrimp processing career began in his early 20's as a shrimp boat owner and operator. Eventually, Carson decided to come ashore where he quickly saw a need for marketing shrimp. Next, he began purchasing and delivering shrimp with a used milk truck. As this venture grew, the need for a processing plant arose. In 1976 Carson opened his shrimp plant in Bon Secour, Alabama where he now processes up to 100,000 pounds per day with 100 employees and distribution across the country.

Carson and Company has grown considerably since 1976 to become a highly-esteemed national distributor of Wild Caught Gulf Coast Shrimp, including both White Shrimp and Brown Shrimp and our commitment to premium quality products and our dedication to customer service has not changed over the years. We are a family owned and a locally operated shrimp processing facility focused on delivering Wild Caught Gulf shrimp at the highest standard possible.


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