Gulf Coast Shrimp Market Report

*A Wintry Market Update*


Over the last several weeks, sales have been hand to mouth but for this time of year, and with the majority of the country having been blasted with recent arctic weather, slow sales should be expected. Inventories are critically short with the exception of isolated sizes and colors of larger headless.   We will possibly see some larger white head-on between now and May on the freezer boats that cycle in, but head-on pricing will continue to rise because of the steady competition between processors and retailers.   


As mentioned, we see head-on pricing continuing to rise over the next few months due to low supply and inventories, paired with high competition in the market.

It looks like Peeled and P&D domestic shrimp will be virtually impossible to find until May.

What are your OPTIONS?!

Carson and Company has limited inventories in our Latin American puds and p&d that we bring in as shell-on and process using the same procedure as our legendary Captain Carson Brand.  We package this product in our Rico label, and it is well-received and competitively priced!! With virtually no wild caught domestic shrimp in the immediate future, this product should not be overlooked.

Please contact us for further information!


& Hang on for a wild May!!!!!!
Lauren Kimbrough Cowan, Sales & Marketing       Direct: 251-949-7476

Thanksgiving Market Update!

How is Thanksgiving already upon us?! 

As everyone knows by now, the shrimp season has been undoubtedly a wild one! The lack of imports this year, mainly due to EMS outbreaks but also likely due to the subsidy trade case, has created a HUGE demand for domestic shrimp. This left us with a summer of high sales but limited supply and even HIGHER prices!  

Now we are sitting here with 27-30 ( maybe! ) good days left of shrimping. This means processors like us, who have been fighting to build inventory all season as it flies out the door, are doing our best to pack enough inventory to keep customers like YOU in supply through mid to late May 2014 when season kicks back up again! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want some more opinions as to what our team thinks about these next several months!!

Lastly, we are beyond thankful for you, our loyal customers, and wouldn't be able to continue having the fun we have every day in this business without your continued support. 

May you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! 
------------------------------------------------------------ Lauren Kimbrough Cowan, Sales & Marketing Email: LAUREN@CARSONANDCOMPANY.NET Phone: 251-949-7476

September 6, 2013
Where did the summer go?!

Here we are at the end of summer already and the shrimp market is about as clear as it was at the beginning of summer! It has been a wild couple of months, with pricing higher than we've ever seen in our history, high demand & brisk sales.

Right now, white headless are extremely short and we will likely not see much here until early-mid October.

Average to good production on brown headless and peeled product currently. 71/90 & larger PUDs and P&D production is average to good as well, but high demand is keeping up with the supply, which is why this aggressive pricing is staying strong.

There has to be a breaking point on these prices, but right now we are only paying more and more every day to the boats, and until that changes, we just have to keep buying and selling just like you!!

February 11, 2013
This week, the market for domestic headless, shell-on shrimp was largely unchanged, with the exception of some firming in U12 and U15 count whites. All others are full steady, with some higher offerings noted. 91-110 count and smaller PUD’s continue to be in rather short supply, and market prices full steady to firm. Some premiums were reflected.