Wild Caught vs. Farm Raised

Carson and Company is proud of its shrimp processing in Bon Secour Alabama, because we buy fresh and frozen, wild caught shrimp from local shrimpers at ports along the Gulf Coast as well as on the Atlantic. Our goal is to support all of the local shrimpers by purchasing their catch of the day. Each day when these local shrimpers of the Gulf Coast reach the docks, the shrimp are carefully unloaded and then loaded directly onto our refrigerated trucks. Below we list some of the benefits of buying and processing Wild Caught Shrimp vs Farm Raised Shrimp...

Wild Caught Shrimp

Farm Raised Shrimp

  • No added antibiotics or growth hormones
  • Natural shrimp flavor and texture
  • Supports local economy and fisheries, as well as the broader U.S. shrimp industry
  • All-natural quality results in slight variations of shape and color
  • Marked seasons for acquisition
  • Production can fluctuate depending on factors such as weather, water temperature, natural disasters, and economic trends
  •  Antibiotics and growth hormones often added to accelerate shrimp growth and size, while fighting bacteria
  • Imported farm-raised shrimp does not support the local economy or the U.S. shrimp industry 
  • Uniformity in size and appearance due to careful monitoring, regulation and absence of the external factors that influence Wild Caught Shrimp
  • Year-round production because there is no reliance on nature for reproduction and growth cycles